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A good podcast to listen to!

I am particular about my podcasts, I have a short-ish attention span and a low tolerance for bad quality. This is a down to earth web3 focused podcast on how to make the best of your experience as a contributor. I appreciate this due to the fact that it’s so hard to find down to earth conversations about web 3. I’m pretty appreciative of having the chance to discover this.

Awesome Introduction to World of Web3 and DAOs

This isn’t your typical crypto podcast. Every week, Brandon has great conversations with people at the forefront of web3 and DAOs to talk about the future of work and the opportunities that are being built today—not which NFTs are mooning or how to trade in a bear market. If you want to learn what’s happening in web3 beyond the ups and downs of crypto markets, this is the podcast for you.

Great educational podcast about Web3 and DAOs

I have been slowly dipping my toes into Web3 and working DAOs over the past year or so, and this show has opened my eyes into way more things than I was initially anticipating. I thought I was just going to learn about working in a DAO. But I’ve learned about that, some of the best tools to use to help solve problems that commonly arise in DAOs, and also gotten some behind the scenes looks at some of the tools that are still being built. The last episode I listened to I also learned about projects that aren’t specifically about DAOs, but projects that are being built for everyone, not just people in Web3. Truly incredible show, with great guests and really amazing informational interviews.

Fantastic podcast

This is a fantastic podcast, hands down. I’ve been wanting to dip my toes into the world of Web3 and DAOs, but I had no idea where to start. I’m only a couple episodes in and I’ve already learned so much from the show. You gotta listen to Ep. 3 with Sam Spurlin. I went back several times to re-listen to different parts because I was so intrigued. You can’t help but want to deep dive into these topics after what you hear! I love the range of guests on this show, they’re diverse and so knowledgeable. Fantastic podcast, thanks for the high quality work!

A no-brainer listen for DAO and Web 3 enthusiasts!

Insightful, inquisitive, informative. A few adjectives to describe the experience of listening to 'Bounty Hunter'. If getting started with a DAO or Web 3 in general interests you, this show should be a no-brainer listen! I love how Brandon has this passionate curiosity towards what others are doing and how they do it in this space. Naturally, he does a great job asking his guests the type of questions I would ask. He even asks the deeper questions I wouldn't have even thought of asking. He demystifies a lot of confusion surrounding this emerging field. The guests so far have been so candid and relatable. Love the variety of backgrounds each of them have. Learning how they use past experiences and current learnings to find and thrive in the bankless movement: invaluable. This show has already taught me so much! It makes the somewhat overwhelming choice to join a DAO and get started a lot less daunting. Bravo Brandon on a fantastic show! 5 Stars!

New to web3. This is great!

I love listening to this podcast. It’s full of helpful information. Thank you!

Getting into the DAO!

Listened to episode “Advantage of Building Your Web3 Resume”. Love the intro and music! Professional sound and smooth podcasting voice. This talk was off the chain. Enjoyed learning about Layer3 from Brandon Kumar. Did not know a lot about these platforms and protocols. It really profits to pay attention and increase awareness. Thank you for interviewing these awesome guests and helping us stay informed. Recommend this pod to anyone interested in Web3 and getting into the DAO.