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Guest Expectations



Help People Find Engaging & Rewarding Work in the New Web3 Economy -- with Interviews from Community Builders, DAO Contributors and the Best Innovators in Web3.


Non-technical people curious about contributing to Web3 projects and looking to make a switch to Web3 work. And contributors working in DAO or Web3 who want to learn better tools, skills and strategies to further their careers.


The Quorum is being built in partnership with BanklessDAO’s “Podcast Hatchery” Incubator Program. We went live in April 2022, and have been fortunate to receive several rounds of funding from BanklessDAO to continue producing the show.


Brandon Nolte - Serial entrepreneur with +10 years experience. Passionate about using education to empower people to live happier and healthier lives. He’s excited to learn and share about the future of working in Web3 and DAOs.

Contact Info:

Interview Details:

  • Length - 5-10 minutes of warm up + about 45-50 minutes of Interview time
  • Format - This will be an audio only interview 
  • Hosting - We’ll have the interview here: https://zencastr.com/ (will send your custom link later).

Note: Zencastr currently does not work with Safari browser or Mobile phones/tablets. So please use Chrome, Edge or Brave browser on your desktop computer when signing into the interview. 

Probable Show Topics / Questions:

  • Your background and experience
  • How you got into crypto
  • What DAOs you contribute to
  • How that’s going
  • Where you see DAOs heading
  • Advice you have for beginners
  • Discussing any relevant projects

Unlikely Show Topics: (Unless part of background or contributions)

  • DeFi
  • Coin Prices
  • Metaverse
  • Cryptography
  • Software Development
  • Other Technical areas of Web3

Other Notes:

We may not publish every interview we make. This would be a rarity, and you would be kept in the loop if this is the case.